The new social reality caused by COVID-19 is a disruption of society and demands a steep acceleration of the new technical reality. Up until December 2019 the emerging technical reality, including Industry 4.0, was about obtaining a competitive advantage. Now it is about survival. The need for efficiency, cost savings, resiliency, agility, switch and adapt, cyber-physical decisions, and using data requires fully digitized processes and training of people to operate in those new processes. It now requires a change of the mindset. Companies will have to blend defensive tactics with an offensive and innovative strategy. In addition to asking “Why?” they will have to step into unchartered territory and ask, “Why not?”. They will have to switch from proprietary to a collaborative mode of problem-solving.

The emerging technical reality, including Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), is based on digitalization, informatization, networking, and collaboration. It thrives on using data for feedback loops to improve production, design, and products. Although too early to have data-based evidence of digitalization as a strategic advantage, the early indicators are that COVID is accelerating the adaption of digital technologies. To some of us, it appears as if we just woke up in the year 2025, having to catch up really fast with everything becoming remote and contactless.

The inspection sector is no different. Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) is one of the largest and most valuable data sources in a product life cycle. Industry 4.0 is making it even more powerful and valuable, in the form we call NDE 4.0.

Must Attend for

  • NDE Equipment and Technology Developers
  • NDE Service Providers
  • NDE Managers
  • NDE / NDT Business Owners

Key Learnings

  • Why do I need NDE 4.0?
  • Why now?
  • What does it include?
  • How should I adapt it? 

Primary Takeaways

  • Awareness of NDE 4.0 - Why, How, and What
  • Mindset shift required for the new normal
  • Course materials as pdf
  • Applicable roadmap to adoption

Delivery Style

  • Virtual interactive webinar style (M/W/F 90-120 minutes each)
  • 5-15 participants from your company
  • Other formats - virtually or face-to-face - available
  • Ideation on your challenges and applications

Proposed Agenda (to be finalized with you)

  1. Kickoff (30 mins.)
  2. NDE 4.0 - Purpose & Value Proposition (120 mins.)
  3. Purposeful Emerging Technologies (90 mins.)
  4. Purposeful Emerging Technologies (90 mins.)
  5. Customer Challenges & Applications (120 mins.)
  6. Pursuit (90 mins.)
  7. Customer Roadmap (Open)

Ihre Trainer

Dr. Johannes Vrana
Geschäftsführer Vrana GmbH & Director RIVK gGmbH

Promovierter Physiker
20+ Jahre Data Science und 15+ Jahre Sensorik
Leitung von diversen ZfP Projekten: Von der Implementierung von SAFT über die Entwicklung von automatisierten Prüfsystemen bis zu ZfP 4.0


Dr. Ripi Singh
Gründer & Strategist (Inspiring Next)

30+ years of Aviation Safety
Innovation expert – US delegate to ISO 56000
Leading NDE 4.0 initiative at ASNT, USA




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Für 5-15 Teilnehmer aus Ihrem Unternehmen


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