"The World of NDE 4.0: Let the Journey Begin" published

Digital transformation of the inspection systems is inevitable. Pursuit of this opportunity amidst uncertainty makes a well-defined purpose and robust process essential. This book provides an overview of the purpose of NDE 4.0 (why?), underlying technologies (what?), and ways to overcome the challenges (how?) to successfully pursue the confluence of emerging digital technologies with the evolving physical world of inspection.

NDE 4.0 YouTube Kanal

Willkommen in der Welt der ZfP 4.0 Am 24. März 2020 wurde der YouTube Kanal zu ZfP 4.0 (NDE 4.0) gestartet. Wir hoffen, dass Ihnen diese Einführung und alle folgenden Videos gefallen.

ASNT Annual Conference 2018 & NDT 4.0

ASNT Annual Conference 2018 - what a blast! Holding three presentations, chairing and organizing three sessions and a plenary talk, participating in a panel discussion and starting the ASNT working group for NDT 4.0.