UT Sizing Method Limits

For quality assurance decisions and engineering analysis, the size of indications is one of the most crucial pieces of information. We tend to put a lot of confidence into the sizing methods we use in ultrasonic testing but each of those methods has its limitations. This leaves one big question - do we have an overlap between the various methods or is there a gap? This video compares the methods and their limitations.

What is Industry 5.0?

The term Industry 5.0 was coined during the last 6 years. However, what does it mean? Is Industry 5.0 the fifth industrial evolution? What is the difference between Industry 4.0 and 5.0? Is Industry 5.0 the true evolution? What could be the fifth industrial revolution?

Digital Twin 3D Visu

Looking at publications on the subject of Digital Twins, it seems that a DT is a fancy 3D Visualization - this is quite an unfortunate situation. Digital Twins are THE core of the cyber-physical loops and should be the core of digital transformation projects. In this video, I am presenting my view on digital twins and on the wide variety of digital twins and threads.

What is NDE 4.0?

"What is NDE 4.0?" or "What are the major use cases for NDE 4.0?" This video will bring some insight into this topic. Both using NDE to enhance industrial production and emerging technologies enhancing NDE.

The Four NDE Revolutions

The Four NDE Revolutions

Four Industrial Revolutions

The Four Industrial Revolutions

Welcome to World of NDE 4.0

Welcome to the World of NDE (non-destructive material evaluation / testing) 4.0 This is a short introduction to this YouTube Channel.