Application of probabilistic fracture mechanics in non-destructive ultrasonic volumetric testing of heavy rotor forgings increases significance concerning the estimated life cycle of the parts. Additional information is included in the calculations for these methods, e.g. the probability of detection (POD) of the testing system. This thesis covers experimental and simulative investi-gations that contribute to a multi parameter model of the POD in heavy rotor forgings.
Earlier studies were published by Preißel (2015). In addition to his results, this thesis presents a simulative determination of a POD for realistic testing scenario. Furthermore, the simulated results are verified through experiments via comparing the maximum reflecting amplitudes of flat bottom holes and their relating POD-curves of both methods. In addition to that, the influ-ence on the POD through the angular position of a reflector is analysed using model assisted probability of detection. The results are validated by comparing the simulated to the measured maximum amplitudes. Finally, the lateral position of two reflectors on the resulting echody-namic curve is investigated as influence on the characterisation as a cluster of reflectors.