You are in the process of establishing automated ultrasonic testing in your company, you need to train additional personnel for your existing equipment, or you have found that your turnkey system is not quite as self-explanatory as promised by the manufacturer. These are three examples where this tailor-made training could be the ideal support for your company.

Must Attend for

  • Quality Assurance and NDE Managers
  • Principle Level IIIs
  • Level IIIs
  • Automated System Operators
  • Supplier Quality Management

Key Learnings

  • How to select the appropriate automated UT system
  • Technical and practical knowledge on basics and operation
  • Preparation for customer qualification
  • Procedure development

Primary Takeaways

  • How to operate an automated inspection system successfully
  • Course materials
  • Training certificate
  • Roadmap and assistance in the operation of the system(s)

Delivery Style

  • Classroom and hands-on
  • 1-10 participants from your company
  • Potentially split into multiple parts

Proposed Agenda (to be adapted to your requirements)

  1. Basics of automated ultrasonic testing
  2. Interpretation of customer specifications
  3. System selection
  4. Coupling, noise and other challenges
  5. Probe selection
  6. Scanning grid
  7. Data recording
  8. Data evaluation
  9. Report writing
  10. Procedure creation
  11. Customer qualification


  • Reconstruction methods like SAFT or TFM
  • Simulation methods for the optimization of the test
  • Integration in IT infrastructures and audit-proof storage of the results

Your Trainers

Dr. Johannes Vrana
CEO Vrana GmbH & Director RIVK gGmbH

Physicist with PhD in NDE
20+ years in Data Science and 15+ years of Sensors
Led various NDE projects, like the implementation of SAFT, development of automated inspection systems, and NDE 4.0



Will be based on your requirements


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