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Awareness Workshop

What will I gain?

  • Fundamentals of digital transformation;
  • Digital technologies suite, and applications;
  • Digitalization (cyber-physical loops), and use cases;
  • Ideation techniques, and tools to pitch ideas;
  • Features of a transformation roadmap.

What does the workshop entail?

  • Action learning classroom,
  • Games and Group exercises, and
  • Post-classwork follow-up.

Strategy Workshop

What will I gain?

  • Learn fundamentals of Industry 4.0;
  • Develop digital transformation strategy;
  • Collaboratively map transformation journey; and
  • Re-energize the team on future possibilities.

What does the workshop entail?

  • Pre-workshop virtual discovery;
  • 2½ days of Strategic ideation sessions;
  • Optional day – Innovation processes;
  • Optional day – Mental muscle tools & tricks;
  • Post-workshop virtual support to validate roadmap.

How Do I Get Started?

Ihre Trainer

Dr. Johannes Vrana
Geschäftsführer Vrana GmbH & Director RIVK gGmbH

Promovierter Physiker
20+ Jahre Data Science und 15+ Jahre Sensorik
Leitung von diversen ZfP Projekten: Von der Implementierung von SAFT über die Entwicklung von automatisierten Prüfsystemen bis zu ZfP 4.0


Dr. Ripi Singh
Gründer & Strategist (Inspiring Next)

30+ years of Aviation Safety
Innovation expert – US delegate to ISO 56000
Leading NDE 4.0 initiative at ASNT, USA



Für 5-15 Teilnehmer aus Ihrem Unternehmen - an ihre Anforderungen angepasst


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