What you don't know can't hurt you' does NOT apply to Digital Transformation. The current pandemic (Covid-19) is changing the value proposition of digital transformation from 'competitive advantage' to a 'must do initiative'. The hidden cost of not adopting Industry 4.0 is likely to be far greater than the visible cost of adopting it. In the inspection world, we call it NDE 4.0. When implemented, it promises value on all three dimensions-quality, cost, and schedule; to the stakeholders in the ecosystem ; from R&D to the leading edge of inspection. However, the very nature of the revolution requires that various stakeholders make concurrent efforts to adopt and master the application. For that, every constituent must see a value proposition from their vantage point. This paper, the first in a 3-part series, aims to help different parties appreciate WHY should they care for NDE 4.0.